Back from ClueCon 2009 in Chicago

I attended ClueCon 2009 in Chicago the past week to present “FreeSWITCH modules for Asterisk Developers”, where I discussed FreeSWITCH internals and interfaces from an Asterisk developer point of view (particularly my point of view).

The power point presentation can be found here: FreeSWITCH modules for Asterisk Developers


The presentation will show you the key internal data structures and call flow when making a two-leg call in FreeSWITCH and Asterisk between SIP and PRI protocols. And of course, how to write modules for both telephony engines.

After the talk some people approached me to ask some particular questions, it seems the interest in creating FreeSWITCH modules and applications on top of it is increasing, it’s definitely going to be interesting what happens in the next years, the future of FreeSWITCH really looks promising.

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