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Packing structures and classes

In my previous post I was talking about memory alignment, and how the compiler can add padding to structures and classes. Sometimes you don’t want the extra padding, let’s say, because you are going to use the structure or class … Continue reading

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Memory Alignment

I have been busy lately, however, from now on I will try to post at least twice a month. Now I wanted to post about an interesting issue I had at work that is related to endianess and memory alignment. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Spanish

Since I started blogging, I did it in spanish. Those days are gone now, even though my english sucks, I will post in english now on. Don’t need to justify myself, so, I will just say, Goodbye spanish.

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Blog – Asterisk Unicall

Con la intenciòn de ayudar un poco mas con el tema de Asterisk Unicall y R2 (libmfcr2) abrì un blog por separado, en inglès .

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