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MFC/R2 branch for Asterisk is available

I just created a branch for Asterisk that has everything required to test the chan_zap MFC/R2 support. Now the installation steps are easier. 1. Install zaptel from 1.4 branch 2. Install openr2 library from the trunk svn:// 3. Install … Continue reading

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Asterisk with MFC/R2 in chan_zap

I’ve been working lately in a library for the MFC/R2 telephony signalling. I named this library “OpenR2”. My goal is to include support for this signaling in the Asterisk project and eventually in FreeSwitch if possible. I just created a … Continue reading

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Zaptel Version

Quick note to myself: to check the version of the loaded zaptel module just cat /sys/module/zaptel/version

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