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Debugging information in separate files

Debugging information in Linux ELF binaries is usually stored in the binary itself. This had been really convenient to me, for example, I always compile my openr2 library with -ggdb3 -O0. I don’t care about optimizations nor the increase in … Continue reading

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GNU autotools tip

When you create a program or library for Linux you may need GNU auto tools (automake, libtool, configure etc) to detect environment settings. These tools may become a pain in the ass when you start with them (and probably later … Continue reading

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OpenR2 1.2.0 released

I just released openr2 1.2.0 Several bugs were fixed, everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this new release, which is totally API/ABI compatible with previous openr2 versions.

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OpenR2 and OpenZap now integrated – MFCR2 support for FreeSWITCH

After putting this off by several weeks, I finally spent some quality time working in getting to work OpenZAP with OpenR2. The result is now available in the openzap project svn trunk: I also created some basic documentation about … Continue reading

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Back from ClueCon 2009 in Chicago

I attended ClueCon 2009 in Chicago the past week to present “FreeSWITCH modules for Asterisk Developers”, where I discussed FreeSWITCH internals and interfaces from an Asterisk developer point of view (particularly my point of view). The power point presentation can … Continue reading

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