Back from Astricon

I got back from Astricon 3 weeks ago. It was good to meet some people I only had talk with on IRC or IM.

Here is my presentation: OpenR2 – MFC/R2 Free of headaches or your money back. My presentation explains how and why I started the OpenR2 project and how it can help to ease the MFC/R2 signaling support for Asterisk.

In other news tomorrow is my last day working for IBM. I started at IBM 2 years ago and I have learned how it is to work in such a big company, good things (salary, stability, no pressure), bad things (bureaucracy, slow development etc). Of course, being such a big company this may not be truth for all areas and will definitely vary among countries and development teams.

Having said that, it was quite difficult to me take the decision of leaving, but I was starting to enter in my comfort zone. It’s time to move, and more importantly, move to a job where I can learn new exciting technologies and I can work in telephony and open source communications that is what I like the most.

This Monday I will start working for Sangoma Technologies. It’s definitely not as big as IBM, but I think the company is at a sweet spot between a small and a big company. This also means soon I will be moving to Toronto. Let’s see how it goes …

Ah, btw, I also got married this week 🙂

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