MFC/R2 branch for Asterisk is available

I just created a branch for Asterisk that has everything required to test the chan_zap MFC/R2 support. Now the installation steps are easier.

1. Install zaptel from 1.4 branch

2. Install openr2 library from the trunk svn://

3. Install Asterisk from the MFC/R2 branch:

Some people in brazil has now reported success with basic call setup. Configuration info is available at the bugtracker:

The site is up, but empty 🙁 , right now I just have the SVN server, but info will be added soon as well.

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7 Responses to MFC/R2 branch for Asterisk is available

  1. moy says:

    If your question is regarding Unicall, don’t cross-post your questions. You alredy asked this in other post. See my answer there.

    If your question is regarding openr2, there is no mfcr2_variant parameter for Nicaragua, if you are interested in having it contact me.

  2. jetm says:


    I have a Elastix 1.1 in Nicaragua with E1.

    There is protocolvariant= for this country? or I can use another variant?

  3. moy says:

    Well, the bug you mention is not really a bug, so don’t report it as such anywhere. The Asterisk branch you are using is a branch based on Asterisk trunk, which means, development version, and is not supposed to work with FreePBX, it may work, but is not supposed to.

    You are correct regarding the parameters. So, you have been using Unicall Argentina variant in Colombia?

  4. jchenao says:

    Thanks for your reply.

    I’m almost ready to test your implementation but i found a bug related to the operation of asterisk branch and FreePBX.

    I’m having trouble when i reload for the new changes to take effect and is related specifically to the string that asterisk returns when “core show version” or “asterisk -V” (Asterisk SVN-moy-mfcr2-r119205M) because there is no regular expression that matches that string when FreePBX verify asterisk version.

    Related to mfcr2 operation, i have at this time one server running mfcr2 with unicall with protocolvariant=ar,12,3 and i will try the new implementation with mfcr2_variant=ar, mfcr2_max_ani=12 and mfcr2_max_dnis=3, so please correct me if i’m wrong.

    Thanks in advance

  5. moy says:

    Hello jchenao,

    As far as I know it has not been tested in Colombia. I’d like to add support for colombia, if you had an E1 line and you are willing to test, contact me via google talk or MSN at moises.silva in the domain gmail.

  6. jchenao says:

    I was wondering if anybody already tried this implementation of r2 in Colombian E1 lines.
    I’m having lots of problems with unicall and i will love to try this one.


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