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Astricon 10 just finished. It was nice to be back after missing it for the last 2 years.  This time I shared my experiences with the Asterisk WebRTC implementation.

Find the presentation here:

Also available on SlideShare:


One of the highlights of the presentation is that if you’re trying to use Asterisk for WebRTC using secure WebSockets (TLS) you may notice that the connection is not reliable (may not work, hangs, etc). This is now a known problem and I’ve posted some patches/branches that address that issue, follow the activity in the Asterisk bug tracker:

Starting with Asterisk 12 you also need to install the pjproject stack to use WebRTC at all, otherwise, no errors are printed on calls but simply you may end up without audio (due to lack of ICE support if pjproject libraries are not instlalled/compiled and linked to Asterisk)

I’ve udpated the Asterisk wiki WebRTC instructions to add this very same warning.


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  1. Adam Wright says:

    This tutorial is a little bit outdated now. An updated tutorial for asterisk 13+ can be found here:

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