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Wanpipemon Cookies: Echo Canceller Tricks

When you buy a Sangoma card you can buy it with or without hardware echo canceller. In most cases it is recommended to get the echo canceller as audio quality is something you don’t want to compromise on. Having said … Continue reading

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Wanpipemon cookies: ISDN pcap traces

PRI and BRI telephony links use the Q.931 and Q.921 protocols in its respective D-channel for call control and link reliability respectively. It is sometimes required to analyze protocol messages in a given link in order to troubleshoot call problems. Wanpipemon makes possible … Continue reading

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Wanpipemon cookies: Checking Sangoma FXO status

This is the first post in what I expect to be a long series of posts called “Wanpipemon cookies”. They aim to be small and easy to swallow posts with tips on how to use “Wanpipemon”, the debugging tool provided … Continue reading

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