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Sangoma Tapping Solution for Asterisk

Sangoma has offered a tapping device for T1/E1 lines for quite some time now. This physical tapping works by installing a PN 633 Tap Connection Adapter, which looks like this: As you can see, you will receive the line from … Continue reading

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OpenR2 and OpenZap now integrated – MFCR2 support for FreeSWITCH

After putting this off by several weeks, I finally spent some quality time working in getting to work OpenZAP with OpenR2. The result is now available in the openzap project svn trunk: I also created some basic documentation about … Continue reading

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Back from ClueCon 2009 in Chicago

I attended ClueCon 2009 in Chicago the past week to present “FreeSWITCH modules for Asterisk Developers”, where I discussed FreeSWITCH internals and interfaces from an Asterisk developer point of view (particularly my point of view). The power point presentation can … Continue reading

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About the Asterisk development model

This post is my opinion regarding to (English) (Spanish) For those not involved in the Asterisk users and/or developers community, it all comes down to users complaining about Asterisk reliability and the new (1.6) development model that will … Continue reading

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Manual de Asterisk

Solo quiero publicar un manual de Asterisk que escribi hace muchos años, los conceptos siguen siendo los mismos y las configuraciones también, tal vez uno que otro comando cambio de nombre. Habia perdido el manual pero recientemente alguien en el … Continue reading

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Why does Asterisk consume 100% CPU?

I don’t know 🙂 But people has asked me this a couple of times lately and my answer is always “I don’t know”. However ps can give you more information about it. In fact, this works for any application you … Continue reading

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Cluecon 2009

I will be speaking at ClueCon this year. The talk will be about writing FreeSwitch modules and how the development process compares to writing modules for Asterisk in terms of APIs. If you are interested in learning how to write … Continue reading

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MFC-R2 support in Asterisk trunk

I am glad to announce that MFC-R2 support has been merged into Asterisk trunk. Today I just got an e-mail from Russell, the team lead of the Asterisk development team confirming the merge and that the upcoming version Asterisk 1.6.2 … Continue reading

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G729A and G723.1 support for FreeSwitch

The past weekend I spent some time writing a module for the FreeSwitch project in order to support the G729A codec in it. This codec is patent encumbered, however, my target was not to do this in software, but just … Continue reading

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New astunicall release

I just released a new astunicall package and chan_unicall driver for Asterisk 1.6, you can get it as usual from:

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