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FreeSWITCH Internals Notes

At Sangoma we use FreeSWITCH as a communications development platform. I decided to write some notes and guide lines on the FreeSWITCH internal architecture so our developers can use the FreeSWITCH framework effectively. I decided to publish them here as well … Continue reading

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ClueCon 2015

I just got back from attending ClueCon 2015 in Chicago. This year the FreeSWITCH team presented their video conferencing support in version 1.6. Pretty neat stuff! This year my presentation was about “Scaling FreeSWITCH Performance”. One of the highlights is … Continue reading

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FreeSWITCH as a Kickass SBC

I had forgotten to post about ClueCon 2012, and here we are in 2013, another ClueCon went by! As every year, I attended in August 2012  and August 2013 to this telephony developer conference  in Chicago (organized by the FreeSWITCH … Continue reading

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Sangoma Tapping Solution for FreeSWITCH

About 4 years ago I wrote a post about Sangoma Tapping with Asterisk. Many people has been interested in that and I’ve done a few implementations with it. Having said that, still showed some stability issues and it became a … Continue reading

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Busy November 2011

I attended 3 Linux/Telephony events in this past November 2011. All of them are focused on the Latino American community. Find the presentations below: – Elastix World 2011, Mexico D.F. Nov 3-4 – “Negociación de codecs en Asterisk” – FSL, Vallarta, … Continue reading

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Linux Core Dumps

Note that most of the theory (particularly the low level segmentation fault details) are also valid for Windows platforms and other operating systems. The commands to configure core dumps and retrieve them are Linux specific though. I also assume that … Continue reading

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Cluecon 2011 – By Developers For Developers

I am back from ClueCon once again. I’m getting lazy, I used to post before going. Anyways, the topic of my session this time was media handling in FreeSWITCH. We’ll be doing some work in in that area at Sangoma … Continue reading

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OpenR2 and OpenZap now integrated – MFCR2 support for FreeSWITCH

After putting this off by several weeks, I finally spent some quality time working in getting to work OpenZAP with OpenR2. The result is now available in the openzap project svn trunk: I also created some basic documentation about … Continue reading

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Back from ClueCon 2009 in Chicago

I attended ClueCon 2009 in Chicago the past week to present “FreeSWITCH modules for Asterisk Developers”, where I discussed FreeSWITCH internals and interfaces from an Asterisk developer point of view (particularly my point of view). The power point presentation can … Continue reading

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About the Asterisk development model

This post is my opinion regarding to (English) (Spanish) For those not involved in the Asterisk users and/or developers community, it all comes down to users complaining about Asterisk reliability and the new (1.6) development model that will … Continue reading

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