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OpenR2 and OpenZap now integrated – MFCR2 support for FreeSWITCH

After putting this off by several weeks, I finally spent some quality time working in getting to work OpenZAP with OpenR2. The result is now available in the openzap project svn trunk: I also created some basic documentation about … Continue reading

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Why does Asterisk consume 100% CPU?

I don’t know 🙂 But people has asked me this a couple of times lately and my answer is always “I don’t know”. However ps can give you more information about it. In fact, this works for any application you … Continue reading

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G729A and G723.1 support for FreeSwitch

The past weekend I spent some time writing a module for the FreeSwitch project in order to support the G729A codec in it. This codec is patent encumbered, however, my target was not to do this in software, but just … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Bugs

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the age of bug-hunting! Recently I fixed 2 bugs, yeah, I know I spent … Continue reading

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Asterisk with MFC/R2 in chan_zap

I’ve been working lately in a library for the MFC/R2 telephony signalling. I named this library “OpenR2”. My goal is to include support for this signaling in the Asterisk project and eventually in FreeSwitch if possible. I just created a … Continue reading

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ViEmu Rocks

Since I joined IBM a bit more than a year ago, I knew I would have to code for Windows sooner or later, it was sooner than I thought, it has been a year now since I started coding for … Continue reading

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PInvoke ( How to Call C from C# )

I will be coding some C# stuff for Windows this year. We have a bunch of C/C++ APIs which we want to make available to our customers from C#, however, since I have known of the Mono existence for a … Continue reading

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Well, found the user space configuration to instruct X to grab or not grab the Synaptics touchpad. SHMConfig = off did the trick 🙂

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Linux Input Subsystem and my TouchPad

Heck, I hate when things stop working suddenly without apparent reason ( and who doesn’t ? ). But this time I have learned some stuff and finding a workaround has been fun. Some weeks ago my touchpad just stopped working … Continue reading

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Asterisk talk at IBM

This week took place the Innovation in Software Engineering Latin America Symposium at IBM Guadalajara. I participated with an Asterisk session giving an overview of the Asterisk capabilities with AEL, AGI and AMI. Also I mentioned how it was possible … Continue reading

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