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PInvoke ( How to Call C from C# )

I will be coding some C# stuff for Windows this year. We have a bunch of C/C++ APIs which we want to make available to our customers from C#, however, since I have known of the Mono existence for a … Continue reading

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Asterisk Asynchronous AGI

I have been coding some new stuff for Asterisk lately, but the feature I like the most is Asynchronous AGI. I got the idea from MAGI, an old patch written by David Pollak that allowed AGI execution thru the manager … Continue reading

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Hidden Message? not really, just encoded

Today I read a post in Damog’s blog where he gave a nice PERL tip based in a “hidden message”. Even when some people might argue that the message is really hidden, to me it seems like it is simply … Continue reading

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Linux Input Subsystem and my TouchPad

Heck, I hate when things stop working suddenly without apparent reason ( and who doesn’t ? ). But this time I have learned some stuff and finding a workaround has been fun. Some weeks ago my touchpad just stopped working … Continue reading

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Overriding the virtual table in a C++ object

Before starting, I just want to mention that I recently joined , is a nice group of Linux bloggers, if you read this blog and want to read some interesting posts ( mostly in spanish, but some guys post … Continue reading

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Overflow in AppConference

Some weeks ago I got an offer for a free VoIPSurfer license. Why? just because of a patch I did one year ago for an issue I had, the patch helped the guy who seems to own voipsurfer, so, it … Continue reading

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Packing structures and classes

In my previous post I was talking about memory alignment, and how the compiler can add padding to structures and classes. Sometimes you don’t want the extra padding, let’s say, because you are going to use the structure or class … Continue reading

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Memory Alignment

I have been busy lately, however, from now on I will try to post at least twice a month. Now I wanted to post about an interesting issue I had at work that is related to endianess and memory alignment. … Continue reading

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