OpenR2 1.3.1 released

I just released openr2 1.3.1

The binary compatibility report is at

The most significant changes are:

– Proper DTMF R2 support, including new timers to tweak the end of DTMF timeout.
– Indonesian variant
– Test for lib64 directory for installation in 64 bit
– Fixed some build issues including support for Linux/Sparc

The next week I will also be releasing openr2 2.0.0 which breaks API
and ABI compatibility with openr2 1.x series. Releases 1.x have proven
to be stable now and they will enter maintenance mode (no new variants
nor features will be added there).

Releases 2.x will be used for future Asterisk versions (1.10??) and
for FreeSWITCH and Windows support.

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4 Responses to OpenR2 1.3.1 released

  1. Pradeep Kumar ST says:

    I am using asterisk R11 and I need to use the openr2 to establish connection wit AXE104 exchange. I came to know openr2 2.x will work wit asterisk R11 form one of the post. Can anyone please guide me to download openr2 2.X version(I tried it but can’t find). Is there any alternative solutions for using E1 channels with out using openr2 ?

  2. Moises Silva says:


    Parameters are:


  3. peter says:

    I have compiled the openr2 1.3.1 for DTMF R2. However, how could I set to use it properly?

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