This blog is an effort to support Unicall Asterisk driver. Steve is probably dropping support for chan_unicall in Asterisk, so I will try to keep up to date the driver using OpenPBX/CallWeaver driver code as a base.


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  1. cursor says:

    At this moment chan_unicall for Asterisk 1.4 has a problem (at least in Mexico) where you cannot receive calls from phones that block their CallerID unless you disable CID all together in unicall.conf by setting ANI to 0 in the protocol variant. This means that you should not use it on a production server unless you are willing to live without CallerID or do not wish to receive calls from operators like Nextel which block CID.

  2. moy says:


    Just to clarify. The problem you had is not because of chan_unicall. Is because of missmatching versions of spandsp and libunicall. Many problems arise when mixing up versions of libunicall, spandsp, libmfcr2 etc.

  3. plhung says:

    I configured asterisk with package astunicall-1.4.9-0.1.tar.gz, card sangoma A101. But I have problem, system run one more time caller could not call in system .

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