Chan Unicall for Asterisk and new driver by itself

AstUnicall for Asterisk is now available in downloads.

This is just a refresh working with the latest versions of all the libraries.

Tzafrir sent me a package with the Unicall driver and a Makefile just to compile it without patching Asterisk Makefile. From now on I will keep updating 2 packages:

1. astunicall, that is, the package with all the required libraries.

2. chan-unicall, a package with the chan unicall driver only, you must have already installed all the library dependencies.

2 Responses to “Chan Unicall for Asterisk and new driver by itself”

  1. crangeltpmex says:

    Hello Moy
    I installed the astunicall 1.4.21 package as usual, everything compiles just right. I use trixbox 2.1.13 in a dell optiplex 755 with 4 GB of ram ana a dual core. I use an E1 from Telmex and a TE122P. I haven’t been able to make calls yet though. It tells me that channels are unavailable. Any ideas?? I am still researching. Has anyone been able to installe this version and make it work?? I have other similar system with the package 1.4.18 working with no problems.

    Carlos Rangel

  2. moy says:

    it’s hard to tell if you don’t provide debug messages. Try sending an e-mail to the asterisk-r2 mailing list providing debug output and configuration files (don’t post the whole logs or configuration files in the list, instead use service and just post the links).

    this is the asterisk-r2 mailing list:

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