Chan Unicall for Asterisk 1.4.16

A new chan_unicall driver is available in downloads

Changes included:

- Music On Hold Fix

- module reload bug fixed

If anyone is facing problems with “Private CallerID, specially from “Nextel” in México, please contact me so we can fix this ASAP.

11 Responses to “Chan Unicall for Asterisk 1.4.16”

  1. dsilva says:


    Please, where can i get the installations steps?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. luisprata says:


    Where are you from ?

    Well, I would like to discuss a good option to implement Collect Call Blocking.
    In Brazil, calling_party_category == 9 indicates Collect Calls.
    I would like to write an application, example, to check this,or
    implement a new parameter to CALLERID(category) to check. And if it’s 9, then block or accept.

    I was thinking about documentation of unicall stack, what do you think ?


  3. moy says:

    dsilva: You just need to ./configure –prefix=/usr && make && make install, those are generic instructions for any package, probably along the way I will include more specific instructions, in the meantime you need to google for them if you want more specific instructions.

    luisprata: I already have CHANNEL(category=9) ready for the next release, that would allow to set and get the calling party category from the dial plan, thus, you could take decisions based on the calling party category. Is that enough for you? or are you thinking in something else? you can contact me at my google mail “moises.silva”. I am in Mexico, by the way.

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