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New downloads section & MOH fix coming

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Downloads section is now available, including a package with the proper versions for Asterisk 1.2.21.Some people reported a problem with chan_unicall and MOH ( Music On Hold ). I had access to a server to test it and confirm there is a problem with the driver and Asterisk 1.4.X . Asterisk 1.4 changed a bit the way in which the “onhold” event is processed. In Asterisk 1.2, onhold event was processed by the channel driver receiving the onhold event. In 1.4 the bridged channel is the one responsible for handling that. Thus, a change in unicall_indicate routine is needed to support HOLD UNHOLD events. I have added the change, however I am also doing some code clean-up and other small fixes before posting the new version.

Other people has reported problems with private callerid. However that problem is on the libmfcr2 side, not on the channel driver itself, so that one is going to have to wait a couple of weeks more until I have a proper test server.